Bishop Dewane, high five.

The 40 Days for Life prayer vigil is an important opportunity for people to stand as a witness against “this scourge in our society,” said Bishop Dewane.
He certainly gets it, doesn't he?

Bishop Frank Dewane, for the Diocese of Venice in southwest Florida, I give you the Domestic Apologist High Five.
Bishop Frank J. Dewane joined a group from Epiphany Cathedral Parish on Oct. 12, the mid-point of the 40 days vigil. He thanked them for coming out expressed how important it is to have a show of numbers each day throughout the 40 days. 
“It is our responsibility as Catholic [sic] to do this. We stand to defend life from conception to natural death. By coming out here, you make a difference,” Bishop Dewane added.
Calling prayerful vigil outside of abortion clinics a "responsibility" for Catholics. How refreshing.

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