"Something Borrowed" should stay something unrented.

Ah, it had such promise. One of those treasured, light-hearted, Seth Rogen/Jason Segal-free "romcoms."  It even had John Krasinski in it, for pete's sake!

But alas, even Krasinski, eternally channeling his Jim Halpert cool, couldn't save Something Borrowed. I credit him with delivering the movies two best lines, but other than that, the New York Times movie review acurately sums things up:
Are people in movies supposed to be interesting? This is not a rhetorical question but rather an expression of genuine puzzlement occasioned by “Something Borrowed,” a well-meaning comedy of marriage that seems ardently committed to the blandness of its characters. The principal would-be couple (one of whom is engaged to someone else) consists of Dex (Colin Egglesfield) and Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin). They are pleasant and nice looking and utterly without distinguishing features. Watching them flirt and kiss and bicker is like witnessing the passionate romance between a canned Bartlett pear and a cube of tofu — a handsomely chiseled cube of tofu, to be sure, and a perfectly sweet pear, but still.  
And aside from the blandness, the plot demands that viewers suspend any notion that people live lives with any problems, other than their romantic entanglements. Hubby and I found ourselves asking each other: Do people really become lawyers, live in beautiful New York apartments, vacation every summer weekend in the Hamptons, and sleep around frequently and casually without a) contracting STDs or b) suspecting each other of sleeping around or c) becoming pregnant?

Actually, option c does become a factor toward the end of the film. Mercifully, the situation plays out with a high value on pre-born life--had it not, this would have been a much more scathing review.

So save yourself $1 at the ol' Redbox.

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