Action, accusations, and being apathetic.

Word of change for our diocese has kicked up quite the dust storm here in the past 48 hours. Through all of it, there's a battle in hearts and minds: take action? Or just be apathetic?

Just to add more turmoil to the mix, news of accusations against Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life came to light today. And in mere hours, statements released by Fr. Pavone's Ordinary--as well as response from Fr. Pavone, who is now appealing to the Vatican--have ignited the next Catholic commotion. 

It's sad and discouraging to see stories of seeming defeat in the pro-life movement. I'm sure there's plenty of agreement there.  

But the important thing is to know what we're fighting for--and that being apathetic isn't, or shouldn't be, an option. All who fight for the right to life know that through prayer and perseverance, the Truth will prevail. We must also remember that no battle with Satan is easy. After all, they don't call him the "Father of Lies" for nothing. Confusion and disappointment come because the devil wants babies to perish, and for their mothers and fathers to be dragged into the pits of despair.

We remember that reality as we stand in the rain praying for just one little child to be saved. We remember it too as we have discussions about this very topic through online forums. We remember that if remain loyal to the Lord, this battle for the right and sanctity of human life will be won. 

God wins, that we know. He will lead us to the Truth, who is Jesus Christ; the Word made Flesh. It's nice to know how the story ends. 

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