A sexy, self-fulfilling prophecy

From Condoms, Propoganda, and the Money Trail, from Catholic Exchange:
"In other words, if you ignore the clinical facts and continue to give away condoms, the recipients of those condoms will come down with an STD that will require treatment. And since Planned Parenthood provides that treatment service, why not get a leg up on the competition by making sure your clients come back again and again, even if it is because you actually created the opportunity for the disease to invade the body in the first place." (emphasis mine.)
Here's my respectful contention when debating abstinence education vs. condom education (let's be honest and call it what it is, eh).

We're all, hopefully, trying to reduce teen abortions and pregnancy (I'd hope most everyone could agree that anyone in their teens would do well to delay pregnancy, and thereby abortion). In general theory, abortions decrease when there are fewer pregnant youth to procure them. The likelihood of getting pregnant drops to about nil in the absence of sexual activity.

So if we want to decrease teen abortions, the simplest, least complicated, danger-at-zero route is to help kids avoid having sex.

AH--and there's the rub. While I (we) believe the way to avoid teen pregnancy is to avoid teen sex, others believe avoiding teen pregnancy is avoiding conception, thereby leaving the sex in place, and throwing a condom in the mix.

Opponents to abstinence education (which, I fully admit, has a wide range of interpretations, program authors, teachers and intents) would like to equip these kids (kids) with all the tools necessary to enjoy their budding sexuality with all the safety and finesse of a toddler wielding a chainsaw. Get them condoms. Get them on the Pill. Get them access to abortion. But by all means--please do not tell them to save sex for marriage.

Well, wait, they might not be quite abortion-ready until they are 16. We'll have to deal with that ugly situation of statutory rape. Or do we?

Again, do we?

Once more, I mean, is it really that big of a deal?

Sigh. Anyway.

Steering from youth sex to all matters of sexual "liberation" in general leaves us with the holy grail of the condom, that treasured rubber tube, and its sister, Pill.

From Matt and Pat:
"Abortion, ESCR, and euthanasia all call contraception 'mother.' That is why any
acknowledgment, no matter how trivial, obvious, or scientific, that calls into
question the magic consequence-erasing power of contraception must be attacked
with all vigor."
And that is why all of this--which, at some point started with teen sex education--comes back to one thing: money.

Who profits when you give a 15-year-old teenage girl a condom, tell her to frolic, and she comes back with Chlamydia?

Who profits when that same girl is raped by her abusive father, or date raped after her first drinking binge, or when she gets pregnant by her older boyfriend--and everyone tells her what her obvious solution is?

Who profits in the mess of all this?

We all know who. It's every Planned Parenthood, every abortuary, every "doctor" who makes a living killing the unborn children that come as a result of teen sex. They're making money ($1.02 billion, to be exact). And it's blood money.

I have a hard time accepting that we shouldn't teach children--from before they even enter a classroom to when they're getting ready for prom--about saving sex for when they're married, instead of equipping them to use every contraceptive tool on the market.

Maturity is beautiful--so is innocence. Sex is beautiful. Sex in a healthy marriage is life-giving and amazing. Sex between committed people who don't fear STDs, who don't fear pregnancy, who give without reservation--that is beautiful.

Why would we rob children of that beauty with a cheap counterfeit? And a counterfeit that serves the contraception and abortion industries, at that?

To me, it seems like a circle of condoms, propaganda and the money trail.

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