Carl takes Tim attacker to task

One of the best things thus far in 2010 in opinion writing? Traditionally liberal columnists upbraiding their fanatical, militant pro-abortion associates for assaulting both CBS and Tim Tebow's yet-to-be-seen Super Bowl ad.

(I could add that Focus on the Family to that list, but they've been assaulted for so long now, it's hardly considered news.)

Here's one more link in the chain of great columns on this topic, though it's penned by the always entertaining, always insightful and always thoroughly Catholic Carl Olson--perhaps the antithesis of a traditionally liberal columnist, but it will still rank as one of my favorites. He takes on ESPN's Tim Keown. Here's an excerpt:

"So congrats to ESPN columnist Tim Keown, who not only disses Tim Tebow for having the gall to appear in a pro-life television commercial (that may or may not air during the Super Bowl), but manages to breathlessly imply that fundamentalist Protestants, home schoolers, Christians who believe in absolutes, and college-aged Christians are not only morons, but are out to—gulp, get this!—tell the world what they believe, which is the height of insensitive proselytism:

'This has nothing to do with Tim Tebow's beliefs, or his intentions, or his vision of himself as a missionary for Christ. However, it's worth saying: Tebow should be careful. For his own sake.'

Meaning...what? It's not entirely clear, since Keown is heavy with the vague insinuation and light with any persuasive argument. He apparently thinks that a twenty-something-year-old young man who holds to absolute beliefs about the sanctity of life must be a mindless pawn in the sinister hands of the diabolical Fundamentalist Right and its quacky pseudo-psychologist leader, Dr. Doom—er, Dobson..."

Read the rest here.

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