The mendacity of CNN

Last Friday, nearly a half-million gay marriage supporters descended on Washington D.C. After more than an hour-long rally in which a string of seasoned politicians, religious leaders and grassroots activists energized the crowd, the massive throng of gay-marriage supporters took to Constitution Avenue. It took nearly three hours for the entire crowd to make its way to the steps of the Supreme Court. Once there, many marchers gave testimony to their personal experiences and implored the "Highest Court in the Land" to hear their cry.

Umm, nope. You would have heard about that kind of a march. A frenzied coverage on NBC (not to mention MS-NBC) would have been rivaled only by CNN or a nearly-peeing-her-pants Rachel Maddow.

No, no, it was just some anti-abortion protesters, who were really nothing compared to the pro-choice demonstrators as well. Here--we'll run a picture of the five middle-aged women we found holding those iconic "Keep Abortion Legal" signs.


Many thanks to the NC Register's Steven Greydanus for his thorough coverage, and post-march analysis, of the day, and the MSM's "coverage" of it.

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