A "weapon" of life

The brilliant folks over at Creative Minority Report have some excellent thoughts on the "a weapon in the aresenal of anti-abortion forces."

In one sense, Columbia Law professor Carol Sanger (Sanger? coincidence? heritage?) is right. It's the same way Fr. Corapi, with his booming voice and slight snarl toward the Enemy says, "Get me my weapons!" Meaning his rosary, blessed salt and holy water. Weapons indeed, against our enduring Foe.

Matthew Archbold:

And it's why Big Abortion is attempting to
close down crisis pregnancy centers. In Maryland they're pushing the government to place all sorts of restrictions on them so that abortion-minded women won't mistakenly hear their baby's heart in a crisis pregnancy center.

Liberal pro-aborts say they embrace science
while us backwards Christianista types want to haul women back to the Dark ages. How come we're the ones using the latest in science while they continue with their "ain't nuthin in the womb but a blob of tissue" defense?

Who's the scientific one when we're the
ones who state that human life begins at conception and back it up with the fact that at the moment
of conception a unique DNA code comes into existence while pro-aborts just insist that every woman has to make up her own mind
when life begins. Does that sound like science?


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